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Archives: Joe Paterno
Joe Paterno Joseph Vincent Paterno (a.k.a. JoePa) was the head coach of the Penn State Nittany Lions football team from 1966 - 2011.

Paterno had 409 NCAA Division 1 Football Bowl Subdivision victories to his name, and was inducted into the College Football Hall of fame in 2007.

Paterno was unceremoniously terminated by the Penn State Board of Trustees in 2011 as they felt he did not take sufficient action during the Sandusky child sex abuse scandal.

Paterno died on January 22, 2012 due to complications from lung cancer.

04-23-2012 Paterno battle far from over
04-22-2012 At Penn State, 1 more chance to remember Paterno
04-20-2012 PSU pays $6 million to Paterno estate
04-20-2012 Penn State alumni cast 19,700 ballots to pick trustees
04-19-2012 Paterno lawyer: PSU money not settlement
04-18-2012 Paterno family lawyer blasts book on PSU scandal
04-16-2012 Penn State president gets grand jury subpoena
04-12-2012 N.Y. man faces trial in 'Paternoville' sign theft
04-09-2012 Thousands of grads to have say
04-01-2012 MAIL BAG - Letters From Readers
03-20-2012 Paterno Way forum on tap for fall
03-20-2012 PSU posts trustees candidate statements
03-17-2012 Pa. poll: Name it Paterno Stadium
03-16-2012 PSU trustees get hate mail, threats after Paterno firing
03-13-2012 Paterno's dismissal defended
02-16-2012 A gathering to honor JoePa
02-02-2012 Paterno tribute items moved inside
01-31-2012 Paterno family will donate DVD funds
01-28-2012 Dignity hallmark of Sue
01-27-2012 He still guides me
01-27-2012 High praise, anger mix at final tribute
01-27-2012 Eulogies offer insight to JoePa
01-27-2012 Poll shows dropping support for Paterno firing
01-27-2012 In defense of Paterno
01-26-2012 Goodbye, coach
01-26-2012 Area campuses also pause to remember and recollect
01-26-2012 Farewell, JoePa
01-25-2012 Great shame on us to have so swiftly passed judgment Mark Guydish Commentary
01-25-2012 A public farewell
01-25-2012 PSU faculty nixes no-confidence vote in trustees
01-25-2012 Name all of it after Paterno Sam Donnellon OPINION
01-25-2012 Coming together
01-24-2012 Full Times Leader Q&A with Bill O'Brien
01-24-2012 JoePa's death leaves his record for others to debate OPINION
01-24-2012 Paying respects
01-24-2012 Son: JoePa upbeat, fought cancer to end
01-24-2012 Broken heart contributed to Joe's death Paul Sokoloski Opinion
01-24-2012 Coach Paterno's parting lessons
01-24-2012 Social media amplified mistaken death report
01-24-2012 Saying goodbye
01-23-2012 Jerry Kellar and Joe Paterno
01-23-2012 Hospital: Spreading cancer cause of death
01-20-2012 PSU trustees: JoePa didn't do enough
01-15-2012 Paterno: 'No inkling' until 2002
01-14-2012 Paterno readmitted to hospital
01-13-2012 Trustees release statement on Paterno
01-12-2012 PSU president faces alumni
01-11-2012 Another Paterno is shown the door
01-07-2012 JoePa firing puts target on trustees
01-07-2012 New era begins at PSU

2011-12-20 AP source Paterno out of hospital improving
2011-12-12 Paterno breaks pelvis after a fall
2011-12-03 PSU trustees publicly reaffirm removal of Paterno and Spanier
2011-11-29 Panel announced to find Paterno ' s replacement
2011-11-25 Sue Paterno reportedly turned away at pool
2011-11-19 Paterno has lung cancer
2011-11-15 Big Ten drops Paterno from trophy
2011-11-13 A look at how sex abuse scandal hurt Joe Paterno
2011-11-13 Alumnus father says PSU bigger than Paterno
2011-11-13 Paterno ' s home quiet as contest is played
2011-11-11 Casey Toomey rescind support for Paterno medal
2011-11-10 Paterno fired by Penn St
2011-11-09 Paterno is not at fault OPINION Sally Jenkins
2011-11-09 PSU ' s Paterno in fight to avoid a sack
2011-11-08 Heat is on Paterno
2011-10-29 Another coaching milestone on the horizon for Paterno
2011-10-26 Paterno mum on starting QB for Illinois
2011-10-12 His sideline scare turns into a real pain for Paterno
2011-10-03 Rushing attack problems leave Paterno searching for answers
2011-09-25 Protected by Felder Paterno returns to sideline PENN STATE NOTEBOOK
2011-09-23 Paterno preaches patience
2011-09-04 'Sore' Paterno coaches the opener from upstairs PENN STATE NOTEBOOK
2011-09-01 Seniors sit down with Paterno
2011-08-31 Paterno ' s raising cane with doctors ' concerns
2011-08-30 Fire still burning hot for Paterno
2011-08-17 Paterno won ' t take a back seat
2011-07-31 Paterno still mum on QB starter -Scranton.html
2011-06-09 Paterno, Krzyzewski will tape show for ESPN at Penn State
2011-05-14 Paterno skips Q amp A session at Penn State
2011-01-14 Paterno says health rumors greatly exaggerated
2011-01-03 Paterno endorses Bradley for Pitt

2010-12-31 Joseph Vincent Paterno
2010-12-30 Athletic director dismisses Paterno retirement rumors
2010-12-29 Paterno nixes rumors about retirement
2010-11-28 Fans back Paterno ' s plan to stay
2010-11-24 Paterno resolute about his return
2010-12-23 Paterno sees Outback as glimpse into future
2010-11-20 Wherever game is played it ' s just fine with Paterno
2010-11-18 Paterno is focused on the here and now
2010-11-17 McGloin picked by Paterno
2010-11-07 Paterno Lions celebrated
2010-11-07 McGloin saves the day for Paterno
2010-11-05 Paterno plays coy about his quarterback
2010-11-03 Bolden or McGloin Paterno not saying
2010-09-16 Paterno isn ' t concerned about Royster ' s struggles
2010-09-02 Milestone victory not on Paterno ' s mind
2010-08-03 Paterno says he ' s fit ready
2010-01-01 Paterno Lions ready for LSU

2009-12-01 Paterno stumping for Lions
2009-11-10 No special praise comes from Paterno
2009-10-28 Paterno thinks players need more credit
2009-09-30 Paterno follows a very old script
2009-09-14 Paterno ploy gets team ' s attention
2009-08-30 To Paterno his best recruit ever was wife of 47 years Sue
2009-07-29 Paterno: Koroma won ' t play this year
2009-05-27 Paterno named keynote speaker for Alumni Association
2009-05-01 Paterno feeling great and back in charge
2009-03-28 For now Paterno reins in LB Lee
2009-03-25 Paterno facing question marks
2009-01-01 Paterno the toast of the town

2008-12-31 Paterno likely to coach from press box notebook
2008-12-18 Paterno ' s lifetime record is more remarkable than his age OPINION
2008-12-14 Paterno hopes to shed chauffer soon notebook
2008-12-13 Paterno sensed departure
2008-12-10 Paterno ' s packing a big punch
2008-12-03 Paterno back at work with new hip in place
2008-11-26 Paterno out of hospital
2008-11-25 Paterno turns thorns into a bed of roses Paul Sokoloski Opinion
2008-11-25 Paterno honored as Big 10 Coach of Year
2008-11-24 Hip surgery for Paterno called success
2008-11-19 Surgery awaiting Paterno
2008-11-19 Paterno not about to quit now
2008-10-31 Paterno will wait to get hip fixed
2008-10-29 Paterno discusses his health
2008-10-08 Paterno not sure where he will be
2008-10-01 Paterno gives squad an easy day of practice as key road stretch looms
2008-09-21 Questions about leg pain Paterno notebook
2008-09-17 Paterno Owls to be stern test
2008-09-13 Paterno pumps up renewed rivalry
2008-09-10 Paterno No decision on suspended D linemen
2008-09-05 Paterno suspends three over incident
2008-09-03 Paterno expects OSU to be inspired
2008-08-31 Modest Paterno wants to enjoy the game Notebook
2008-08-27 Paterno tabs Clark as starting signal caller
2008-08-10 Paterno may wait to make decision on starting QB
2008-08-09 Inside the lines with Paterno
2008-07-25 Paterno still not spilling the beans
2008-07-20 Paterno officially enters Hall of Fame
2008-07-19 Hall puts Paterno at the head of the class
2008-07-18 Paterno 19 others to be honored
2008-05-31 Paterno pays a visit to NEPA
2008-05-14 Paterno Penn State Night speaker -abington.html
2008-03-30 Paterno plays it cool over contract
2008-03-28 Paterno to speak
2008-01-18 Paterno ' s son not focused on moving up

2007-12-24 Paterno just tries to do best he can
2007-12-14 Paterno has lots on plate
2007-12-02 Honoring Paterno
2007-11-20 Paterno ' s salary must be made public says state Supreme Court
2007-11-10 Paterno up against some familiar faces as Lions take on Temple
2007-11-05 Paterno Program and I owe seniors a lot
2007-10-14 Paterno keeps mum about Scott ' s situation notebook
2007-10-12 Paterno says he gave driver lsquo safety alert '
2007-10-11 Paterno exchanges words with fellow driver -Local.html
2007-10-03 Morelli still Paterno ' s man at quarterback
2007-09-26 Paterno Put loss on my shoulders
2007-09-05 Paterno shows no pity for Irish notebook
2007-09-01 lsquo Nervous ' Paterno full of questions
2007-08-26 Lions need Paterno to be field general
2007-05-22 Off the field pain burdens Paterno
2007-02-07 Joe Paterno ' s not so junior achievement JERRY KELLAR OPINION
2007 01 26 Paterno honored by Super Buns
2007-01-25 Franco Harris ' bakery honors Paterno on boxes of doughnuts buns

2006-12-28 Paterno wants to be on sideline for bowl game
2006-12-09 Volunteers ' speed worries Paterno
2006-12-08 Paterno still draws attention
2006-12-04 Paterno Lions get Vols
2006-11-16 Conflict arises over Paterno ' s remarks -pennstate.html
2006-11-15 Paterno visits Penn State football practice might attend game
2006-11-14 Penn St assistant says Paterno expected back this weekend
2006-11-10 Paterno ruled out for Temple notebook
2006-11-09 Penn State says Paterno will not coach on Saturday
2006-11-08 Paterno won ' t be on sidelines Saturday
2006-11-07 Paterno to remain in hospital as precaution spokesman says
2006-11-06 Paterno has surgery to repair broken leg injured knee
2006-11-06 Collision leaves Paterno with broken leg
2006-11-01 Offensive woes confound Paterno
2006-10-04 Ailing O line point of concern for Paterno
2006-09-27 Paterno No more looking back
2006-09-20 Pa high court to decide if Paterno's salary will be public

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